Getting banned from Google adsense is getting very common now a days. Though there are many networks present in the market, I am listing below some of the best alternatives to Google adsense. The first list contains PPC(Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost per thousand) networks while the second list contains Affiliate networks.

Advertising Network



  • The ads are contextual by default
  • Ads can be set to non -contextual and can be targeted to specific keywords
  • Can run along with adsense
  • Min Payment $10
Get Chitika Premium

  • They server inline contextual ads
  • Many publishers report better earnings than adsense
  • Can run along with Google adsense
  • Min Payment $50 through PayPal

  • Adbrite is considered to be one of the best alternative to adsense.
  • They even accept adult sites.
  • Many option to choose from like text, banner, invideo, inline ads.
  • You need to be patient since it takes time to fill up your ad inventory.
  • Can run along with adsense as long as you maintain a different look-and-feel.
  • Minimum Payment $20

Earn $$ with Adbrite!

  • Works very well on making-money-online and webmasters type of sites.
  • The complain I hear most often this network is that they don't often enough ad inventory for other types of sites.
  • Can run along with adsense as long as you maintain a different look-and-feel.
  • Minimum Payment $10

Earn $$ with Bidvertiser!

  • Very nice option for small and mid size blogs.
  • $50 minimum payout limit. They will pay every 15 days on Net-15 basis.
  • Can run along with Google adsense as long as you don't camouflage ads.
  • Highly contextual ads and are generated based on keywords on your site.
Join Clicksor

Affiliate marketing is something worth considering if you are serious into a making-money-online. The affiliate networks don't pay on per click or thousand impression basis but gives you commission on the basis of how many leads or sales your internet marketing skills are able to generate.

Affiliate Network



  • Really very nice network for newbie starting out in Affiliate marketing.
  • They share nice commissions with the affiliates.
  • Very easy to start up.


  • Very active and friendly customer support.
  • If after submitting your application you don't get a response. Call them and explain about your all probability you will get an instant approval.


I would like to mention here that please stay away from text link selling networks like text-link-ads. I have seen search engines penalize sites heavily that are involved in buying and selling text links without nofollow tag that is what these sites do. Though you might make some money in the beginning out if it but in the long run Google and other big search engines may penalize and even de-index your site from their search results.